Loan Application Terms & Conditions

RV Financing USA Loan Application
Terms & Conditions

By submitting this application, I/We HEREBY: 1. Understand and agree that RV Financing USA and its Affiliate partners, referred to as the “Affiliates” may make credit inquiries and employment inquiries about me, may provide and exchange information about me with any source of credit information to which RV Financing USA and its Affiliates may inquire, and may disclose information about me with other financial institutions for purposes of fulfilling this credit request; 2. Certify that all information provided on this Application or in connection with this Application is true, correct and complete, even if completed by an agent. Understand RV Financing USA and its Affiliates will rely on the information in this credit application in making its decision and also understand that making false statements in order to obtain credit may be a crime; 3. Certify that I am a U.S. Resident; 4. Agree that if credit is approved, RV Financing USA and its Affiliates may obtain subsequent consumer reports in connection with reviewing the account, and taking collection action on the account, or for other legitimate purposes associated with the account; 5. Provide express written consent for RV Financing USA and its Affiliates to contact me/us, in connection with my/our loan, at the phone number(s) and e-mail address(es) provided. This application is governed by Kentucky law.

Additional Income: Alimony, child support or separate maintenance income need not be revealed if you do not wish to have it considered as a basis for repaying this obligation.

Notice for New York Residents – A consumer credit report may be requested in connection with this application or in connection with updates, renewals or extensions of any credit granted as a result of this application. If you subsequently ask for this information, you will be informed whether or not such a report was requested and, if so, the name and address of the agency that furnished the report.

Notice for Ohio Residents – The Ohio laws against discrimination require that all creditors make credit equally available to all credit worthy customers, and that credit reporting agencies maintain separate credit histories on each individual upon request. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission administers compliance with this law.

Notice to Married Wisconsin Residents – Wisconsin Law provides that no agreement, unilateral statement or court decree relating to marital property shall adversely affect a creditor’s interest, unless prior to the time credit is granted the creditor is furnished a copy of the agreement, statement or decree or has actual knowledge of the adverse provisions. You must indicate the name of your spouse on the credit application, and the address if different from yours.

Notice to California and Utah Residents – As required by law, you are hereby notified that a negative credit report reflecting on your credit record may be submitted to a credit reporting agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your credit obligations. Notice for Maine Residents – If this application is approved by the creditor, you will be required to obtain and maintain physical damage insurance on the collateral securing the debt. You have a right of free choice in the selection of the agent and insurer through or by which the insurance is placed.

Important Information About Procedures for Opening a New Account

RV Financing USA complies with Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act. This mandates that we verify certain information about you while processing your account application.

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